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Imagine traveling through this world with its twists and turns and ways; A true warrior is the one who can conquer the most versatile of situations and be at peace ANYWHERE. Enter - The gypsy warrior. This particular character is a seasoned fighter having traveled and treaversed many a land and foe.
This statement necklace is not for beginners. It will take the essence, style & character of the true gypsy warrior within you to adorn this piece. The stronger you become by choosing to fight it out in this world. 
The Neckpiece features a fascinating mix of elements and textures, combining leather, metal, cords, beads and pure character into this rare and collectible piece.

The Gypsy Warrior Statement Necklace

  • The shapes, details and feel of this piece might be hazardous to be used at work or around children and pets. Please be mindful. The materials used are meant to naturally oxidise with time and allow the natural tones of the metals used to show as it ages along with wear. See tips to maintain these pieces in the Connect Tab. Please be careful while storing / wearing these pieces as they can cause scratches or marks on some other surfaces.
  • Each piece is a carefully custom crafted piece of wearable art made as per order, only after the order is placed and confirmed. Please allow a minimum of 15-20 days for us to deliver this item to you. If your order is a gift or requires a special delivery timeline or instructions, please write to us thru the 'connect' tab in the main menu.
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