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'Alto Vida'  quite literally translates as 'the high life'. The concept for the line was born out of the idea of creating high quality, original and craft oriented jewelry, wearable art and lifestyle for men and women in a world full of copied and mass produced goods. 
An idea which thought of ethical and environment friendly practices, materials and ideologies combined with age old crafting techniques to create a range of unique and visually as well as conceptually stunning pieces. Objects that strike a chord with the minds of artists, thinkers, travellers, adventurers and everyone with dreams, struggles, victories and defeats in everyday life... 
Live The High Life... Live Alto Vida
'Alto Vida Lifestyle' is founded and owned by designer Shivraj Gaekwad, under the company "Shiv Tantra Creations" - A multidisciplinary design and manufacturing workshop founded in 2010 in Vadodara, Gujarat IND.

The workshop and studio, has been pioneering the design and craft based manufacturing of jewelry and lifestyle products made with ethical processes and sustainable materials like bamboo, jute, re-purposed wood, leather scrap etc. 

We work with and support independant artists, brands, companies etc to achieve their collection goals for custom made collections with specific aesthetics and feel.

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