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Illuminate your space with the enchanting spirit of Japanese Koinobori wind socks. Infusing Zen philosophy with the vibrant Koinobori imagery, our hand crafted KoiLumi Lanterns are made from hand made papers, combining the traditional silk screen printing method, resulting in a mesmerizing illumination that captures the essence of these vibrant carp streamers.


1.  Hand-Crafted Details:
   - Each lantern is screen printed and hand-paint, infusing it with vibrant depiction of koi fish. No two lamps are exactly alike, making each piece a unique work of art.

2. Soft, Ambient Glow:
   - When lit, the KoiLumi emits a warm, soothing glow. The handmade paper diffuses light beautifully, creating a Zen-like ambience.

3. Easy Assembly:
   - The design of the lantern ensures effortless assembly. Simply unfold the frame, slip on the lamp chord with the bulb, and secure it with the brass frame. No tools required!

4. Versatile Decor:
   - Whether suspended from the ceiling, or used as a nightlight, the KoiLumi Lantern adds elegance and cultural flair to any room.


- Materials: Premium handmade paper, brass frame
- Dimensions: 18 inches x 5.5 inches 
- Bulb Type: 9W LED bulb
- Power Cord: 2 m (black)
- Assembly: Minimal assembly required
- Customization available

KoiLumi Lanterns - Hand-crafted Koinobori Paper Lamp Blue

SKU: AD-26
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