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Alto Vida Agents of Style 😎

Alto Vida is looking for hip, stylish and smart youth out there who are keen to hustle while you study / work, make some friends - grow your network and make some serious Ka-Ching in your pocket...!

If you think you have it in you to flaunt your style, talk your mind and represent our brand, here is an opportunity you don’t wanna miss. An opportunity to live your dream !


Enlist in our “Alto Vida Agents of Style Program” - Represent our brand and Sell Alto Vida Brand Merchandise in your School / College / Institute / Corporate / Friends / whatsapp / offline, via your own social media or just about anywhere. Every sale that rings through you (whether online or offline) will ring a super sweet surprise in your pocket.


Find out more here....


1. Agent Level Soldier : "Too-Cool-For-School"


2. Agent Level OG : "The Real Deal"

If you can prove your worth and cross over our figures of honor (per city basis), we will honor you with the title level OG. Here you get added benefits and assured rewards & perks with every target achievement.


3. Agent Level Veteran : “I Run this Town”

The Veterans. No Messing around on this turf anymore. It takes serious hustle to get here, but the rewards and perks only get bigger and better. There can be Only One position per City - The Boss..!

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