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  • How is this program beneficial for me as a student ?
    A: By registering with the AOS (Agents Of Style) Program, you will receive many benefits like Learn about the fashion industry and fashion market, grow your network, make new friends and most importantly Learning to do business AND make good money in the process.
  • How can I earn money from this ?
    A: By registering with this program you will receive a starter kit with some products as well as a Special Access Code (SAC) which gives a percentage discount when applied during checkout on each order. You can sell those products and make money as well as everytime we receive a sale on our website through your SAC code you will receive the basic discount as well, and the sales will also count towards your target. On hitting target you will win our Honor Rewards Box, which contains further Cash prizes and exciting rewards.
  • How does the Special Access Code (SAC) Work ?
    A. You will receive a Special Access Code (SAC) when you register with this program. The SAC gives a percentage discount according to your agent level when applied during checkout on each order placed on our website. You can share the access code in your group of friends, college, relatives, neighborhood etc and tell people to explore our website and purchase through it. Everytime we receive a sale on our website through your SAC code,you will receive the basic discount from the code. You can also collect orders offline from all your contacts and place the order altogether on our site using your SAC code. When you do this, you will receive the discount immediately and thus you will be able to get the products at a lesser price than MRP.
  • What products will I receive when I register ?
    A. Each Agent level package comes with a starter kit that includes your special AOS Pin, Your SAC code and a lot of products depending upon your agent level. Here, we will send you a mixed assortment of products from the categories on our website. These can include Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Anklets, Key-Chains etc.
  • How can I upgrade my agent level ?
    A: There are two ways to upgrade your agent level. You can either directly purchase your desired agent level package from the website. OR you can upgrade your agent level by successfully hitting your agent level target. When you hit your agent level target, you will automatically be upgraded to the next agent level and will receive all the benefits of the next level.
  • What is the Honor Rewards Box and how do I win it ?
    A: Each agent level has its own targets and respective Honor Rewards Box. You can only win the Honor Rewards Box by hitting agent level target. The Honor Rewards Box contains (as per your agent level) exciting and exclusive prizes to be won including, Coffee Dates, Dinner Dates, Movie Tickets and entries into major music festivals & events.
  • Can I return the unsold products ?
    A: NO, the products received in the starter pack are yours to keep or sell as per your choice. They cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.
  • How long will the Special Access Code be Valid ?
    A: The SAC code is valid for a total of 4 months from when you begin the program. It will only be cancelled in case of inactivity for a period of more than one month.
  • What is the next step after hitting my target ?
    A: The Next step after hitting the target is to move onto the next target and next agent level, wherein you will be able to make more money and higher rewards.


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